heartbeat sensor circuit

How to make an easy heartbeat sensor circuit ( no need code )

In this article, I am going to describe how you can make a human heartbeat monitor circuit. Usually this type…

door lock with smartphone

How to make electronic smart door lock using Arduino

It is an Arduino based Door lock project. You can Look & unlock any door using your smartphone. How does…

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DIY Bluetooth earphone

How to make a wireless Bluetooth headphone at home

It is a very easy & simple project. You can convert your old wired headphone to wireless Bluetooth headphones. It…

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Object detector circuit using Ultrasonic sensor Without Arduino

Object detector circuit using Ultrasonic sensor (No need code)

It is a simple electronic project using an Ultrasonic sensor HCsr 04 with IC 555. Usually, we use HCsr 04…


How to make a Desktop computer Using Raspberry pi 4

If you are looking for a low budget computer for small official work or online study purposes then this article…

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ESP 8266 01

How to Program ESP8266 (ESP-01) Module with Arduino UNO – Easy way

Esp 8266 01 is a popular wifi module.It can works with AT commands with an Arduino. Also, it can be…


Attiny85 programming with Arduino ( Easy way )

Attiny 85 is an 8 pin microcontroller. You can use it for making different types of projects. It is smaller…

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Gf-07 gps tracker

Mini Gps tracker GF-07 Review, Problems & user guide

It is a spy tracker device & using it you can monitor anyone location on Google map. You can Listen…

Quarky Robot

Quarky Robot By Stempedia

An experiential learning platform Stempedia has just launched a Robotic kit named Quarky, especially for kids aged 7 to 14…

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Arduino talking robot

Arduino Talking Robot

In this article, I am going to describe to you a very simple Arduino talking robot. It can detect any…

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