power bank auto off

How to stop a power bank from turning off

We use power banks for charging our phones but we can use power banks to run many gadgets. We can…

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GF 07 not working sim card

GF 07 GPS tracker is not working – 100 % Problem solving trick

Gf 07 is a portable GPS tracking device. It works with the GSM network by sending & receiving SMS. This…


How to track anyone’s location using a GPS tracker

Hi, guys in this article I am going to tell you how you can track anyone using a mini portable…

OLD tablet RAspberry pi 7 inch screen

HDMI Monitor at very low cost – Use your Old Android Tablet as an HDMI monitor

Hello guys, in this article I am going to share with you a very useful trick for DSLR camera users…

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How to make a Desktop computer Using Raspberry pi 4

If you are looking for a low budget computer for small official work or online study purposes then this article…

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Gf-07 gps tracker

Mini Gps tracker GF-07 Review, Problems & user guide

How does it work This device is like an old mobile phoneBut it has not any screen, keypad, or speaker….

Quarky Robot

Quarky Robot By Stempedia

An experiential learning platform Stempedia has just launched a Robotic kit named Quarky, especially for kids aged 7 to 14…

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gsm bug spy listening device

Hidden audio surveillance listening device – How to make

In this article I am going to tell you how you can make a spy bug audio surveillance listening device…

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DIY GPS Tracker Using Bolt IOT

GPS Tracker – How to Make a Tracking Device for Car or Bike

In this tutorial, I am going to describe how to make a GPS tracker for a bike, Car or any…


M5 stick C programming using Arduino IDE & a LED blink

It is a guide for set up & upload code to M5stick C module using Arduino IDE. 1. Download Arduino…

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