How to make a Desktop computer Using Raspberry pi 4

If you are looking for a low budget computer for small official work or online study purposes then this article…

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Gf-07 gps tracker

Mini Gps tracker GF-07 Review, Problems & user guide

It is a spy tracker device & using it you can monitor anyone location on Google map. You can Listen…

Quarky Robot

Quarky Robot By Stempedia

An experiential learning platform Stempedia has just launched a Robotic kit named Quarky, especially for kids aged 7 to 14…

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gsm bug spy listening device

Hidden audio surveillance listening device – How to make

In this article I am going to tell you how you can make a spy bug audio surveillance listening device…

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DIY GPS Tracker Using Bolt IOT

GPS Tracker – How to Make a Tracking Device for Car or Bike

In this tutorial, I am going to describe how to make a GPS tracker for a bike, Car or any…


M5 stick C programming using Arduino IDE & a LED blink

It is a guide for set up & upload code to M5stick C module using Arduino IDE. 1. Download Arduino…

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How to program M5stack using Arduino IDE

M5stack core module programing If you make electronic projects using a microcontroller like Arduino & other MCU then you know…


How to make a very easy Bluetooth speaker at home

Hello friends, in this article i will describe to you how you can make your own mini Bluetooth speaker with…


How to make a loud bicycle horn at home

It is an easy electronic project .here I am going to describe how to make a loud musical bicycle horn…

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home made electric bicycle at home

How to make electric bicycle at home

Build a powerful electric bicycle at home. This article for whom, who wants to make his/ her own electric bicycle…

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