How to Program ESP8266 (ESP-01) Module with Arduino UNO – Easy way

Esp 8266 01 is a popular wifi module.
It can works with AT commands with an Arduino. Also, it can be used as a standalone board like a microcontroller.

esp 8266 01 module
Esp 8266 – 01 Wifi module

Its working voltage is 3.3v & it is very small in size so we can easily make our IoT based project using it.

It is a guide for programming the esp 01 module using an Arduino Uno board with Arduino ide software, sample led blink code & also discuss about some errors & its solution while programming.

How to connect esp8266 – 01 to Arduino Uno for programming

We have to connect the Esp 01 to Arduino Uno. You can make a temporary set-up on a breadboard. but you can’t use it directly on a breadboard so you have to use jumper wires. some times it is the reason for connection error.

Breadboard set up
Breadboard set up

I made a shield for Arduino for avoiding every time jumper wire connection so making shield is a better option for programming every time without any problem.


Esp 01 arduino wiring
connection diagram

The Tx pin of Esp 01 connects to TX of Arduino Rx to Rx of Arduino.

Push switch connects to reset pin & GND pin of Esp 01.

Connect ChPD & VCC & connect to 3.3 volt of Arduino.

Connect ESP 01 GND to Arduino GND

The SPDT switch is connected to GPIO 0, Led + & GND.

To enable flash mode you have to connect Gpio 0 to GND so here I am using a switch to enable flash mode & working mode. This Led is for an indication.

And Arduino Rest pin connect to GND.

Esp8266 01 pinout
Esp 01 pinout

You need to make a shield

Male & female header pins
Dotted board
Micro push Switch
Small SPDT switch
ESP 01 module
& Arduino Uno board

ESP01 shield connection

Programming Setup on Arduino IDE

Open Arduino Ide, go to – File – preference – paste this additional board
Manager URL.

ESP 01
ESP 01

Click – ok
Now go to tools – Board – Board manager – search for Esp 8266.
I have already installed the board version 2.5.1 & it is working fine So I am not going to update it. You have to install it & then click on close.

Now connect the ESP 01 & Arduino to computer make sure the switch is on flash mode. If you have made a temporary setup then make sure GPIO 0 is connected to GND.

Now go to tools – select board generic Esp 8266 Module.

ESP 01
ESP 01

Go to tools – select your com port where Arduino is connected

select com port
select com port

Uploading sample LED blink code to ESP 01

Goto file – Example – Esp 8266 – Blink

Change this built in to 0 .
Our LED is connected to GPIO 0

Now click on upload you can see the code is uploading
& complete.

Now change the switch position & push this reset button once.

Error during programming Esp8266 01 module

Sometimes it shows some connection error.

Solving the problems

1 check your connections
2 chek proper com port
3 chek gpio 0 is connected to GND
4 press the reset button once before showing connecting.
5 use a 220mfd electrolytic capacitor on VCC & GND of ESP 01.

Tutorial Video


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