How to make a surveillance robotic car using ESP 32 cam board

In this article, I am going to share a very interesting project using an esp32 cam module.

It is a surveillance robotic car. 

You can control this robot using your smartphone or computer using a WiFi network.

This is an Esp32 camera project so we can watch the live-streaming video from the Esp32 cam module.

To operate this surveillance robot you have to use any web browser. Your smartphone & the ESP32 cam module must have at the same wi-fi network.

I am using the Arduino IDE for programming the Esp32 cam. Esp32 pin connection & Arduino code for surveillance robots is included in this article.

surveillance robot using esp32
surveillance robot using esp32

You need to make an Esp32 cam Surveillance Robot

  • 150Rpm motor 4pcs
  • 65 mm robot wheels 4pcs
  • A 4×6 inch  plywood or 4WD car chassis (Buy) affiliated
  • L293d motor driver board 
  • 2 pcs 3.7v  lithium-ion batteries with battery holder.
  • Step down dc to dc buck converter module. (Set output voltage at 5V)
  • Esp32 camera module (Buy) affiliated.
  • Some jumper wires.
surveillance robot using esp32
surveillance robot using esp32

ESP 32 cam module hasn’t any onboard programmer chip so we need an external programming set-up.

To program ESP32 cam module you need a USB to TTL converter or

You can program ESP32 cam using an Arduino UNO board. Here is a detail about how to program ESP32 cam using Arduino UNO

You need to program Esp32 cam


Add Esp32 board for Arduino IDE ( board manager URL is given in this article)

Arduino code for surveillance Robot (Download)

Prepare a 4WD Robot 

You have to prepare a 4wd robot. You can use any 4WD robot chassis or you can build it on plywood.

4wd with geared motor
4wd with geared motor

I have used my 3D-printed project build plate.

surveillance robot using esp32

Connect 4 motors like this picture

Before connecting with the ESP32 cam module you have to program it.

I have a dedicated video tutorial article & video about ESP 32 cam module programming. You can check it from here if you are new to ESP 32.

Anyway, I am telling you the programming process quickly.

Connection for programming ESP32 cam

For programming the esp32 cam we need a USB to TTL programmer & a breadboard.

 Gpio 0 of ESP 32 cam should be connected to the gnd to active programming mode.

esp32 cam programming
Esp32 cam programming

The above picture shows the programming connection

Esp 32 camera module Programming connection

surveillance robot using esp32
Practical connection

USB TTL – TX to ESP32 cam RX

                  RX to ESP32 cam TX

                  5V to ESP32 cam 5V 

                  Gnd to Gnd

If you use an Arduino UNO instead of USB to TTL, the connection will be different. check here

ESP32 cam module programming with Arduino Ide

Open Arduino Ide – go to file – preferences – here paste- board manager URL

Board manager URL

Click ok.

surveillance robot using esp32
Board manager URL

Go to tools – board manager here type Esp32 install esp32 board support I have already installed.

surveillance robot using esp32
Add Esp32 Board support in Arduino IDE

Close it

Now open the Rc car code 

Download The code from here

Go to – tools – select board – esp32 wrover module

Select all programming parameters as the same as the following image.

surveillance robot using esp32
ESP32 cam programming parameters

Now connect your esp32 cam board to the computer. I’m using an USB to TTL converter for programming.

Gpio 0 must be connected to gnd.

You have to put your wifi router SSID & password on the Arduino code.

surveillance robot using esp32
ESP32 robot code

Select your com port & click on upload.

Sometimes you need to press the reset button when it shows connecting…

The code is uploaded now remove the jumper wire from gpio 0

Open serial monitor on Arduino ide

& Press the reset button on the cam board.

Now the cam board is connected successfully to my wifi router.

surveillance robot using esp32

Here showing an IP address – copy it & note it down.

You can check it –

Go to any web browser & paste the copied IP.

surveillance robot
surveillance robot testing

Video tutorial for this project

Now my esp 32 cam is ready for work.

I have to connect it to the power & motor driver board.

Connection diagram of an ESP32 surveillance Robot

ESP32 cam robot circuit
ESP32 cam robot circuit

Here is the Connection diagram.

connect ESP32 cam, L293D motor driver board & power. 

For power, I have used 2 lithium batteries which is 7.4Volt on the series connection & then I have used a dc buck converter.

The circuit runs on 5V so you can use also a power bank.

surveillance robot using esp32
surveillance robot using esp32

How to use

Just open a  web browser & type the IP. 

You can watch the live video streaming from the esp32 cam & control motors.

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Feel free to write me if you have any problems or queries about this project. for a quick response comment on my youtube video.

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