GF 07 GPS tracker is not working – 100 % Problem solving trick

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Gf 07 is a portable GPS tracking device. It works with the GSM network by sending & receiving SMS.

This device works only with a 2G network.

Before applying this small trick you have to check some necessary things.

  • You have a 2G network-supported sim card
  • Your country has 2G network services
  • Your sim card service provider has a 2G network coverage for your area
  • You have some mobile balance to make calls & sending SMS
  • Your sim card has not any PUK locked

If above all those things are available & your gf07 GPS tracker not working then you can try this small trick.

Now almost all sim cards are mini or micro sim but unfortunately, this gps gf07 supports only standard-sized sim cards so we are using a sim card adapter like in the picture below.

Sim card adapter

When we are using a sim card adapter sometimes sim connector points do not touch the sim card you can watch this video for details.

To solve this problem you have to use a thin tape (Sellotape) on your sim card it will hold the pressure from the sim connector & help to touch connection points to the sim connectors.

GPS tracker not working
GPS tracker applying tape

Now you can use a small folded paper chip on the sim card before closing the cover lid

It will solve your problem if your gf07 gps tracker is not working due to a connection problem or not connecting to the network.

I’m sharing this trick because so many users cannot connect their trackers to the network & this trick is completely based on my practical experience with this gf 07 gps tracker.

If your gps tracker still not working & you are confused with its operations you can check this post – user manual gps gf 07 setup from here

you can check the complete gps gf07 manual which is provided with the tracker from the above link.

GF 07 not working sim card
GF 07 not working sim card

I am only a reviewer of this product & sharing my practical knowledge-based experience. for more details & on a faulty device, you should contact your seller to replace or return your device.


  1. My decvice does not responding for 777 code.All other works.But this would be the most important..How can I receive GPS location?

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