Mini Gps tracker GF-07 Review, Problems & user guide

Gf-07 gps tracker
Gf-07 GPS tracker
  • It is a spy tracker device & using it you can monitor anyone location on Google map.
  • You can Listen to sound around it from anywhere by phone call
  • You can record sound remotely on an inserted micro sd card in it.

How does it work

This device is like an old mobile phone
But it has not any screen, keypad, or speaker.

You have to insert a sim card & sd card

Now it is connected with a mobile tower like a mobile phone

You can get this device location by sending an SMS from another mobile phone.

Here are different codes SMS for location, record surrounding audio etc.

You can call & hear the surrounding audio also. Just like a mobile phone.

For example
When we call on a mobile phone & if anybody received the call then we can
Hear all sounds from the mobile mic.

Like this
It automatically receives your call but this device does not make any ringing sound. It receives your call silently send its location details as an SMS.
It does not make any sound or led indication.

The most important thing about this device is the sim card

Gps Tracker GF-07 Sim card type

For this device, you need a 2g network supported sim card
I think it is the main drawback of this device. Because in many countries 2g network services are obsolete so there is no 2g network.

GPS Tracker sim card
GPS Tracker sim card

Here is a very simple trick to know that will this device work in your country or not.

gps tracker
old 2G mobile phons

If this (Refer to above picture) type of old 2g keypad mobile phone is working in your country then this GPS device will also work.

So you can get location from anywhere in the world where the 2g mobile network is available.

In India, airtel & Vodafone
Has 4g, 3g & 2g network service & jio has only 4g service so jio is not working on this device but airtel & Vodafone working fine.

Before inserted the sim card you have to remove all sim locks, PUK lock from your sim card
You need a minimum balance for sending SMS & receiving a call
otherwise, it will not work.

No need any other subscription fee for this tracker but you need a basic pack for sending SMS & making calls from the tracker sim.

You can insert any 2G network supported sim card & a micro SD card.

After sim card installation the red LED of the tracker will glow for a short time.

GF-07 GPS tracker sim card
GF-07 GPS tracker sim card

This device has not any on-off switch
The sim card works like a switch.
when you inserted a sim card then the device turns on.

At the first time, it takes 30 seconds To 1 minute to register to the

Don’t forget to insert a sim card when you are charging this device. without a sim card, this device not takes charge.

How to use & the SMS code of GF-07 GPS tracker

To operate this device you need a mobile phone or smartphone which can send SMS & make calls.

How to set the GPS tracker GF-07

for pairing your phone send 000 to this tracker sim card number
The tracker is replied “Set binding” with the smartphone number.

GF 07 gps tracker
GF 07 GPS tracker

That means my phone is now paired with this tracker. It will work only with this phone.

To know the location send 777 to tracker sim number

Sometimes it takes about 1 minute for getting the location & sometimes response quickly, It is a problem

Now I received the current location of this tracker its accuracy is not very good it is dependent on the mobile network.
It shows around 50 to 500 meters away from the exact location.

It has not any app for Android you can see the location details in any browser using Google Maps.

It’s another interesting feature is phone calls & receive them automatically.

GF-07 GPS tracker battery life

Its standby time is about 2-3 days
If you continuously make the call then it will work about 45 minutes to one hour.

GF-07 Mini GPS tracker user manual

Inside the box of GF-07, there is a user manual with Chinese & English

the English version manual of GF-07 GPS tracker is as follows

GF07 Gps tracker user manual
GF07 Gps tracker user manual page1
GF07 Gps tracker user manual
GF07 Gps tracker user manual page 2
GF07 Gps tracker user manual
GF07 Gps tracker user manual page 3
GF07 Gps tracker user manual
GF07 Gps tracker user manual page 4
GF07 Gps tracker user manual
GF07 Gps tracker user manual page 5

GPS Tracker GF-07 problems & Solving

I am just a reviewer of this tracker so I will try to help based on experience on this particular GPS tracker. for more information please contact the seller where you bought this tracker.

GPS tracker GF07 not turning on

Make sure the tracker has a sufficient battery. please insert the sim card when you are charging the tracker.

this tracker indicates ones when you inserting the sim card ( the red LED glows only for once)

GPS Tracker GF07 not connecting to the network

GPs Tracker GF07 not receiving SMS reply

Gps GF07 Tracker not binding

Those are very common problems with this tracker.

  • Make sure your area has 2G network coverage.
  • Make sure your sim service operator has 2G network services.
  • Check your Sim card has not had any lock like a PUK lock or any other.
  • Sometimes the sim card does not get the contact of the sim connector point. If you are using a micro or a nano sim card with an adapter ( tracker does not support nano or micro so you have to use an adapter for those types of sim cards) please use a thin tape on the sim split area. use a small amount of paper on the sim card to create pressure on the sim contact point. it may solve the connection problem.
GPS tracker GF 07 problems
GPS tracker GF 07 problems
  • please read the user manual
  • your product may faulty.

Video Gude for Gf 07 spy magnetic GPS tracker


  1. Is not available to register my GF-07.
    I have the following message every time that I am sending the 102 sms for registration.
    App:Registering your tracker, please try this command again later!

  2. Hello, I bought GF-07 and bind it with the wrong sim card, how do I reverse or change to another sim card. please help. thanks in advance

  3. Forget this !
    Another Asian bogus money scam.
    When are these companies ever ever going to learn to hire an ENGLISH SPEAKING person to translate their instructions into understandable ENGLISH!!

    1. In addition to which, it’s NOT a GPS device; it doesn’t use GPS (or GLONASS or similar) for location so it’s only accurate to about 0.5 km.

  4. My says also INVALID ADDRESS. The website shows my position in HongKong, while I sit here in Europe.
    With 777 i get a link to a web page with only two keys and a location, which is about 210 km from my location.

    What should I do with this kind of ***

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