M5 stick C programming using Arduino IDE & a LED blink

It is a guide for set up & upload code to M5stick C module using Arduino IDE.

1. Download Arduino IDE

Download & install Arduino IDE on your pc.

You can download from here

2. Install esp 32 board manager in Arduino IDE

The M5stick c is ESp32 chip powered so we have to install ESp32 board package.

go to – file preferences -setting paste this URL to additional board manager URL – https://dl.espressif.com/dl/package_esp32_index.json

Now go to tools > board > Boards Managers
search for esp 32 & install the esp 32 package.

3. Install M5stic c library

Now go to sketch -Include Library -manage library
now here search for m5 stick c
install m5stack library.

M5stick c library

4. Driver installation for M5stick C

M5StickC uses the FTDI’s USB to Serial converter chip.
It is usually no need to install a driver.

if you are facing any problem for Driver or if you M5stick c device is not detected then you can download driver & install it manually

Download FTDI to USB driver from here

5. Select board

Select board “M5Stick-C”

Upload speed – 1500000

Select your Com port

6. Sample code uploading

Go to file – Example- M5stickC-Choose any sample code & upload it

LED blink code for M5stick C

Connect LED (-) pin to GND & LED (+) pin to M5stick c G26 & upload code to M5stick c

#include <M5StickC.h>

 * LED Blinking
const int ledPin = 26;
void setup() {
  // setup pin 5 as a digital output pin
  pinMode (ledPin, OUTPUT);
void loop() {
  digitalWrite (ledPin, HIGH);  // turn on the LED
  delay(500); // wait for half a second or 500 milliseconds
  digitalWrite (ledPin, LOW); // turn off the LED
  delay(500); // wait for half a second or 500 milliseconds

Video tutorial

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