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An experiential learning platform Stempedia has just launched a Robotic kit named Quarky, especially for kids aged 7 to 14 years.

The quarky is a very unique concept for learning robotics as well as coding for students.

This kit is launched on Kickstarter on 17th August 2021.

Quarky is available with inventor Kit & Ultimate kit. you can buy more add-ons for different projects.

Quarky Robot kit
Quarky Robot inventor kit

Using this kit students can make many complicated projects like artificial intelligence(Ai), machine learning(ML), robotics Movements by dragging & dropping some visual blocks.

Quarky is easily programmable with a fully visual block-based software pictoblox.

The pictoblox is available for windows, mac, ios & Android. It is free for downloading.

Using pictoblox user can program different types of author microcontroller boards like Arduino, Esp32, evive ( which is another product of the stempedia ).

Quarky programming using pictoblox
Quarky programming using pictoblox

The attractive thing is that students can practice coding with its live code testing function.
Usually for testing a code we have to upload the code on a microcontroller but using the picoblox live code testing function, it is very easy to test code without uploading.

Ai based project using Quarky
Ai based project using Quarky

Quarky inventor kit contents:-

Quarky Robot
Quarky Robot

Quarky has:- (hardware)

2 Robot wheels

2 metal gear motors

Caster wheel

2 tactile switches

7×5 RGB LED display

USB c port for charging & programming

2 Ir proximity sensor


Power switch

Led indicator

5 touch pins

2 servo motor port

6 Gpio pins

And a reset button

It has onboard Bluetooth & wifi connectivity & short circuit protection.

Quarky Robot hardware
Quarky Robot hardware

Quarky inventor kit comes with Some accessories –

Line follower robot path, wooden mounting parts, Robot face & cards for Ai projects, USB Type C data cable, 3.7v battery etc.

Game using quarky
Build a DIY Game using quarky

Get Quarky from here

Video for getting started with Quarky

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