How to track anyone’s location using a GPS tracker

Hi, guys in this article I am going to tell you how you can track anyone using a mini portable GPS tracker.

this is a potable electronic device, using it you can track anyone’s live location on the map.

GPS tracking
GPS tracking

What is needed to track anyone

You can track anyone’s live location using a portable GPS tracker device & using your smartphone.

A portable GPS tracker is a different device from a regular car GPS tracker.

A Portable GPS tracker has a built-in battery.

You have to charge the tracker device using any smartphone charger.

The standby time varies on which tracker you are using. 

A standard tracker device works up to one week after a single charge.

Why gps tracker for

This is a very useful device for tracking your pets, kids, elder people & any other person whom you want to track.

SPY GPS tracker
SPY GPS tracker

Which gps tracker is the best

A portable GPS tracker is different from a regular car GPS tracker but the working technology is almost the same. Car GPS trackers are always connected to a car battery it is not a standalone device but a portable tracker is a standalone device.

Which is best for you it depends on which type of work you want to need with a GPS tracker.

here I will discuss the portable GPS tracker which is important for monitoring kids, elder people & of course any other person whom you want to track.

Different type of portable GPS tracker is available in the market & different technology is used for these.

a cheap portable GPS tracker is GF-07, GF-09 etc.

Gf-07 gps tracker
Gf-07 gps tracker

You can watch the gf-07 video

But this type of GPS tracker like GF-07 does not show the perfect location because there is no GPS chip inside the tracker. another problem is this gf-07 use 2G mobile technology which is obsolete in many countries.

Another side of using this type of tracker you don’t need to pay any monthly subscription fee. It works with simply SMS service.

HERE ARE MORE DETAIL on the GF-07 spy GPS tracker

How to choose a GPS tracker

Some portable GPS trackers are available in the market which has a subscription fee of monthly or yearly. this type of tracker shows the perfect location. This type of tracker commonly has a service provider company.

GPS tracker

Before you buy a GPS tracker you should ensure that your service provider company has good service coverage in your country. GPS tracking system is an IOT-based technology so it will be better if your tracker company server is located in your country.

This type of GPS tracker service provider company gives you an app for tracking.

After login on to this app, you can track your tracker’s perfect live location, day-by-day location history.

Some companies allow tracking multiple devices with a single app.

VIDEO for app-based potable GPS trackers

Some important questions & answers about portable GPS tracker

Q. Is GPS tracker free ?

No, it is not totally free. you have to pay some subscription fee. for GF-07 tracker you can use your own sim card but you have to pay a monthly sim card subscription fee like a mobile phone.

Q. What are gps trackers

A GPS tracker is a small electronic device which is used for tracking someone’s location on the map.

Q. Can a gps tracker be detected ?

or Can gps tracker be traced?

Trackers are very small in size but they can be detected by an electronic Anti-Spy Wireless RF Signal Detector device.

Q. Why gps tracker need sim card

GPS tracker is an IOT-based device. always gets connected with a service provider server when it is on.

so if you have a service provider-based GPS tracker then you no need to put a sim card. the service provider will arrange the sim card with no hassles for your side but

if you have trackers like GF-07, GF-09 you have to put your won sim card for connectivity.

Q. Can gps tracker work without internet

YES Gf-07 GPS tracker works with SMS service. but all GPS trackers can’t work without the internet.

If You have any Gps tracker-related queries feel free to wright in the comments. For a quick response, you can comment on my Youtube videos. I will try to resolve your doubts.


  1. i send 000 to my device but it doesnt work and the red light indicator doesnt blink at all it stays on a red light but not blinking

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