How to make mini regulated power supply

In this article, I am going to describe how to make a mini regulated DC power supply easily. Using this…

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How to program Arduino pro mini using Arduino Uno (no need FTDI programmer)

Arduino pro mini which is smaller than Arduino nano board. we use it for more space-saving, small & lightweight project….

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How to make an internet radio using Raspberry pi

In this article I am going to describe how you can make an internet Radio & popular streaming service player…

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How to make a very easy Bluetooth speaker at home

Hello friends, in this article i will describe to you how you can make your own mini Bluetooth speaker with…


How to make a loud bicycle horn at home

It is an easy electronic project .here I am going to describe how to make a loud musical bicycle horn…

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How to make an electric bicycle at home

This article for whom, who wants to make his/ her own electric bicycle in a simple way & also at…

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Temperature & humidity meter using Arduino

It is a tutorial to make a hygrometer circuit using arduino & DHT 11 You can monitor your real-time room…


How to make a portable music player

It is a simple music player using 3D printed box which can play music from SD card, USB drive, Bluetooth…

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Automatic room light controller without microcontroller

It is an easy guide with circuit diagram to make automatic home light with out micro controller or arduino How…


Easy audio amplifier Circuit

Using IC Lm 386 Parts need to make :- Ic lm 386 100 mfd electrolytic capacitor 2 pcs 1000 mfd…

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