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In this article, I will describe

how you can make a PWM DC speed controller. This is a pwm controller with 555. It can be used as a 12v motor speed controller.

Sometimes we need a 12v speed controller to control the speed of a DC motor for our project. It is a very simple PWM controller without a microcontroller.

controlling DC motor
controlling DC motor

The circuit is working with a very popular timer Ic555 & an N-type MOSFET Z44.

The MOSFET & IC both are easily available & low in price.

Application of PWM controller

It can control any DC motor under 12v dc 20-25 Watt maximum load.

It can be used for robotics projects, As a PWM dimmer, controlling dc fan speed, and controlling LED light brightness, as a PWM fan controller.

The maximum input voltage is 12V DC

Working of the circuit

The ic 555 generates a frequency (PWM signal) .  We can control its wavelength using the potentiometer.

The power MOSFET is used as a driver. 

Project video tutorial

What is a PWM signal?

You need to make

  • 20K potentiometer
  • Perfboard
  • LED
  • Capacitor 470 mfd
  • Ceramic capacitor 100K pf
  • Resistor 1K – 2pcs & 56 Ohms
  • Diode 1N4007 – 3pcs
  • MOSFET – Z44
  • Heat sink for MOSFET
  • IC 555 & 8 pin ic base
  • 2pin terminal block – 2pcs

Z44 Mosfet pinout

Z44 Mosfet pinout
Z44 Mosfet pinout

Circuit diagram

Pwm circuit diagram
Pwm circuit diagram

Download circuit diagram

Spacial connection diagram for beginner

pwm easy circuit diagram
PWM easy circuit diagram
making pwm controller
making pwm controller

You have to do this project on a perf board for testing, you can use a breadboard.

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