Obstacle avoiding robot – How to make

obstacle avoiding robot
obstacle avoiding robot

Hey guys,
In this article, I am going to describe how you can make an obstacle avoiding robot using Arduino.

It is a popular Arduino robotic project. for avoiding a lot of wire connections, I have designed a PCB for it.

You can use a PCB or a dotted perfboard.

The PCB for this robotic project Is well designed & easy for making.You can make different types of Arduino robot using this PCB.

Another robot using this PCB

You need to make this project

2WD Robot chassis with castor wheel
Robot wheel for BO motor
150 Rpm BO geared motor & 1.5 inch bolt & nut
Ultrasonic sensor holder
2 pcs. 9V battery & battery connector
L293D Ic & 16 pins Ic base
100mfd/25v capacitor 2 pcs
1K resistor & Led
Header pins, jumper wire ( male to female)
terminal block 4pcs
HC-SR 04 ultrasonic sensor
Arduino nano
Perfboard or PCB

How it works

The ultrasonic sonic sensor detecting objects in front of it & measure the distance of the object.

In normal condition when there is no obstacle in front of the robot,
Two motors are rotating clockwise & the robot goes straight forward.

If any object was detected within 20 cm by the ultrasonic sensor then the left motor will start to rotate anti-clockwise
& right motor will rotate clockwise as it was.

So the robot turn left quickly if there is an object in front of it.

Circuit & connections if you are using a perfboard

Here I used an Arduino nano & L293D dual motor driver.
Two capacitors as a filter. Led & 1k resistor for indication

Schematic diagram of PCB
Download schematic diagram

Arduino digital pin 7 connect to the ultrasonic sensor trigger pin

Arduino digital pin 8 connect to the ultrasonic sensor Echo pin

Arduino digital pin 5 & 6 connect to Ic l293d pin 10 & 15 for the left motor control

Arduino digital pin 11 & 12
Connect to ic l293d pin 2 & 7 for the right motor control

Connect left motor to ic l293d pin 11&14

Connect the right motor to ic l293d Pin 3 & 6

Connection of obstacle avoiding robot

Making with the PCB

The PCB for this robotic project Is well designed & easy for making. You can make different types of Arduino robot using this PCB.
Download & order Gerber file for PCB from here

Coding for this project

we have to upload code to arduino nano using arduino IDE

Download code from below

I have used a 9v battery for Arduino & another 9v battery for motor power.
For powering the motor it is good to use a rechargeable battery otherwise the 9 v battery can’t run the robot long time.

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