How to make electric bicycle at home

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Build a powerful electric bicycle at home. This article for whom, who wants to make his/ her own electric bicycle in a simple way & also at low cost.

home made electric bicycle at home
how to make electric bicycle at home

In 2016 I have made an electric bicycle using 250-watt brushed geared motor but this time all parts to proper fitting were not available in India. but now many kits available for converting your old bicycle to an electric bicycle

You can watch my first electric bicycle making video

To make this bicycle I have used really low-cost parts you can see in the video.

After that, I got a complete electric bicycle kit at Amazon its price is reasonable . electric bike motor 24v & other parts.

Here is the 250-watt electric bicycle kit unboxing video

Using this nice kit I have made two electric bike

In the first one, I have to use a low price bicycle Hercules aspair

The total project cost was about

Here is full step by step assembling guide to convert your old bicycle to an electric bike, in my case bicycle was brand new but you can use also your old bicycle

Which parts included in the kit

250 watt 24 v Dc geared motor
Freewheel adapter
Big axel sized rod (8″)
Headlight with horn
Electronic breaks 2 pcs
Ignition key
Motor fitting plate
24-volt motor controller
24 volt SMPS battery charger

you can Buy this Kit from here

Other needs to make
A plastic or metal box, I have used a toolbox which
Made with hard plastic from Amazon India you can buy or see from here


It is a very important thing to choosing the proper battery as per your needs & budget

Minimum need to make 24 V 250 w bike you need 2 pcs 12 v Dry batteries with 14 amp

What to do

First, you have to replace your bicycle’s original axel rod with 8″ axel rod which comes with a bicycle conversion kit

you have to install an extra freewheel beside the original freewheel of your bicycle.

To attach extra freewheel you have to use a treated connector which is included in the bicycle conversion kit.

To install the battery box I have used a metal clamp which is holding the battery.

Inside the battery, I placed the motor controller,

4 pcs 12 volt 7 amp batteries ( which is similar to 2 pcs 12v 14amp battery )

Battery charging socket

Connection of the motor & battery, if you are using 2, pcs 12 v 14 amp batteries then connect it in series

& if you are using 4 pcs 12v 7 amp batteries

Batteries of 250watt ebike

Connection & wiring of 250-watt electric bicycle

The upgraded version of electric bicycle

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