How to make a loud bicycle horn at home

Last Updated on June 29, 2019 by technoreview85

It is an easy electronic project .here I am going to describe how to make a loud musical bicycle horn or bell.using this circuit you can make also an easy melodious calling bell

The main component of this project is a rom IC Um 66 or Bt 66 which generate the great beethoven fur elise music

You need to make

  • UM66 or BT66 IC
  • 5 Volt mini audio amplifier board
  • Resistor 1 k,270K
  • 3X AA battery & battery holder
  • Push switch
  • A plastic container
  • Some wire
  • U clamp
Um66 Bt66 pin out

Connect all components as circuit diagram bellow

Circuit Diagram of Bicycle bell

Video tutorial of musical cycle bell

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