Bicycle Alarm lock circuit

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In this article, I am going to tell you how you can make a bicycle alarm lock at home.

This bicycle security alarm working with a vibration sensor so if anyone trying to move the bicycle then the alarm goes turn on.

You need to make

  • Ic 555
  • LED
  • Small on-off switch
  • Capacitor – 3.3mfd or 10mfd
  • Resistor – 220 ohm, 10K, 270K
  • Dotted Vero board
  • Active Buzzer
  • 3.7V Lithium battery
  • Vibration sensor module
  • Female jumper wire
Vibration sensor

working principle of this circuit

when the vibration sensor gets any vibration then the D0 pin of this sensor module becomes high. The D0 is connected to timer IC 555 pin 2 which is Ic 555 trig pin. Then the output pin of IC which is pin 3 becomes high & stay high for a few seconds. Here IC 555 working as an off timer. the time depends on an electrolytic capacitor that is connected to IC pin6 & positive line. you can use 3.3mfd capacitor or for the long-duration trigger, you can use 10mfd capacitor. for the Loud alarm, you have to use Big sized Active Buzzer which is connected to IC pin 3. This circuit working with 3.7v lithium battery

Circuit Diagram of cycle alarm

Bicycle alarm circuit
Bicycle alarm circuit

After completed the connections

Bicycle alarm circuit
Bicycle alarm circuit

Video Tutorial for this project

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