How to make a 3d printer with arduino

It is step by step guide to make an 3D printer at home using arduino mega. using this home made cheap 3D printer you can make 3D printed object up-to 200mm X 200mm Y 200mm Z

To make the frame of this 3d printer I have used easy available, low cost aluminium channel & did not used any 3D printed parts to make this printer. I tried to use as possible low cost but reliable materials. however I am satisfied with its result so you can make your own diy 3d printer using Arduino.

Generally popular Diy 3d printer using arduino mega is using old DVD drive,s stepper motors but this one is big 3d printer. The small DVD drive stepper motor can print only maximum 4 cm X 4 cm but this big diy 3d printer can print up-to 20 X 20 cm objects.

Here I will going to describe how I prepare the all mechanical part & software details which I have used

Arduino 3d printer kit & other parts from here ( Amazon India)

Parts need to make

1 . NEMA 17 Stepper Motor 4 Wire Bipolar
Step angle: 1.8 degree
Current: 1 a
Holding torque: 4.2 kgcm
Voltage: 2.4v
No of leads: 4
5 piece

Nema 17 stepper motor

2 . Arduino Mega 2560

3. Ramps1.4 Shield

Ramps 1.4

4 A4988 Stepper motor Drivers with heat sink 4 piece

5. V6 J-Head Hotend Bowden Extruder Full Set with Fan
12V Heater, Ptfe Tubing for 0. 4mm 1. 75mm Bowden for 3D Printer

6 .Mk8 Extruder Aluminium Block DIY Kit: Right Hand Type

7. SMOOTH ROD M8 500 MM – 4 pcs

8. T8 Trapezoidal Lead Screw 8MM Thread 8MM Pitch 300MM

9. Flexible Coupling Coupler 5mm8mm25mm (2Pcs)

10. 8 Pieces LM8UU 8 mm Linear Ball Bearing

11.2 Meter GT2 6MM Open Timing Belt

12. 2 Pcs 20 Teeth Pulley 5mm Bore

13. PCB Heat Bed MK2B 12/24 Dual Power 214 mm 214mm

14. Radial Ball Bearing 8x22x7mm 608-2RS Ball Bearing – 4 pcs

15. End stop switch – 3 pcs

16. Aluminium channel 2 inch X 1 inch – 12 ft

17. Plastic clip board

18. 20 cm X 20cm glass

19.20cm X 20cm ply wood

20. Screw ,spring ,Zip tie

21. Aluminium L clamp 1″ X 1″

22. 12 Volt 20 amp DC power supply .I am using a modified old pc ATX power supply

23. 1.75 mm filament

Please watch part 1 for all parts details & making frame

Software need

Arduino IDE – Download here

Marlin firmware – Download here

Pronterface software – Download here

Making 3D printer frame using Aluminium channel –

We have to cut aluminium channel  using hacksaw 
Dimension  – 53cm – 3 pcs 
                       45cm  – 2 pcs 
                       43 cm – 2 pcs
                       10cm – 2 pcs ( for bed)

join all aluminium channel using L shaped clamp This video can help you

After making frame we have to install Y axis motor at front side of the printer. I have used zip tie to fix motor.

now install 608 bearing using L shaped clamp & install GT2 timing belt to GT2 timing pully

To make a smooth liner motion I have used here 2 pcs 50cm – 8mm – smooth rod & 2pcs 10cm aluminium channel is base of the printer Y axis bed.

making Y axis ,X axis

For Z axis we have to use two nema 17 motors & two
Trapezoidal Lead Screw connected by
Flexible Coupling .

For making X axis structure I have used cheap plastic clip board you can also use acrylic sheet.

After assembling Y,Z& X axis we have to do assembly
Mk8 Extruder block ( here is MK8 Extruder assembling )

I have used 3 minimum position mechanical end stop switch. you can also use 3 pin end stop.

My end stop switch pin is NC (normally closed ) & NO (normally open) but 3 pin end stop switch connection is may little bit different.

Wiring of 3D printer

We are using 12v 20 amp power supply .please use minimum 1mm wire for connection heat bed & hot end

for temperature sensor & End stop switch you can use thin wire .

place ramps board above arduino mega &
we have to set jumper for micro stepping ( please watch this video ) Then place 4 step stick on ramps board 3 step stick will drive 3 axis (X Y & Z) Motors & other one is for Extruder motor

We are using Ramps 1.4 & A4988 as arduino 3d printer controller

Wiring diagram of home made arduino 3D printer
wiring & result

Diy 3d printer software

Check flowing article for Arduino 3d printer code

We are using marlin firmware for this 3D printer. Here is details of marlin configuration.h


  1. love this project. thanks for your efforts to help people like us. please can you upload the software setup asap. thank you.

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  5. I have done all the setup from your YouTube channel in that I am facing a problem while doing test run. In Pronterface it shows *PRINTER HALTED KILL CALL* I don’t know how to sort out this sir. Kindly help me.

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