Arduino pov display – How to make – Download pov display code

Hello guys in this article, I am going to tell you about the making an easy Arduino POV display. I have made a mini POV display using Arduino nano & 7 Red LED s.

Here is a speciality of this project. usually, we make a POV display using a big, high-speed Dc motor because our POV circuit runs on 9v or another little bit weighty battery. To move this heavyweight battery, Arduino & other components naturally we need to use a big motor but here is another problem for the big motor which is vibration. When we use a big motor to move a 9 volt or another heavyweight battery we are facing a lot of vibrations.

I am using a 3.7 v lightweight lipo battery for solving this issue but to run the Arduino nano we need minimum 5 volt DC. here I am using a 5-volt booster module to convert 3.7 volt to 5 volt.

Pov display using arduino

You need to make

Vero board
Arduino nano
Female header
5V Booster module ( Remove the USB socket)
3.7-volt battery
LED 7 pcs
220-ohm resistor 8 pcs
IR diode & IR Led

10K resistor
Mini Dc motor
Drill chuck
Plastic container

Dc motor whith mini drill chuck


  • Connect 220 ohms LED to each LED’s (-) pin
  • Connect 10K Resistor to Arduino A0 pin
  • Each LED 9 (+) connect to Arduino pin D4,D5,D6,D7,D8,D9,D13
  • Battery (+) & (-) connect to 5 volt booster in-put
  • 5 volt booster out-put (+) & (-) connect to Arduino 5v & gnd
  • IR diode (+) pin connect to A0 of Arduino
  • IR LED (+) to resistor 220 ohm & IR LED (-) to Gnd

Download code for Arduino pov display from here & upload it to Arduino nano

You can change the text which you want to show on display.

About construction

I used a small dc motor & it is Enough for moving the circuit. which is running on 3Volt DC

Insert the Ir diode & led together at a nearby location. It is working as an IR proximity sensor so when a white or light colour object comes to the sensor the LEDs will glow.

Here I used some black colour tape on the plastic container( please watch the video)

LEDs are glowing only when ir sensor is in a white or light color position.

How to write your customized text

To show up your customized text on this display open the Arduino code using Arduino Ide & edit with the following text. The default text is YOUTUBE

            Y();Sp();//TEXT write Here      
            O();Sp(); // for a space use sp()

Now upload the code to the arduino nano

The Result

Video tutorial

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