How to make Arduino smartwatch

In this article, I am going to tell you how you can make a DIY smartwatch with Bluetooth connection functions with Arduino.

It is a basic smartwatch that can be connecting to an android smartphone using Bluetooth module HC05.

I have used a .96-inch OLED display that is very small & it works with I2c so you have to connect only four wires for it VCC, GND, SDA, SLA

I also used an Arduino pro mini 5 volt that is small than other Arduino boards.

Here I have used a 5-volt DC voltage booster module for boosting voltage from 3.7 volt 5 volt.

 For software, I have used Retro watch source code by Gods Tale –

Special thanks to this person for a wonderful work. You can check the main source code for Arduino & android.

Hardware you need to make: –

  • Doted Vero board
  • 128 X 64 .96-inch OLED display (4pins)
  • HC 05 Bluetooth module
  • TP 4056 battery charging module
  • 5-volt voltage booster
  • Arduino pro mini 5V (you can use Arduino UNO for testing)
  • Small off/on switch
  • 10 k Resistor
  • Micro switch
  • 3.7-volt battery
  • Watch straps
  • Header pins & wire

Software & Arduino code

You have to download the U8glib Zip library & add it to Arduino IDE. download U8glib from here.

Download Arduino code & Retro watch app from here.

My Oled display is working fine with bellow display configuration

U8GLIB_SSD1306_128X64 u8g(U8G_I2C_OPT_NONE|U8G_I2C_OPT_DEV_0);

Unzip the Arduino code zip folder. Inside the RetroWatchArduino_u8glib zip file here are two files, one is Arduino code for Retro watch & another is the bitmap.h file.

Connections :-

Connection diagram

Button pin  –  Arduino D5

Bluetooth module HC 05 connection

  • VCC – 5v
  • GND – GND
  •  TX to D2
  •  RX to D3

OLED display connection

  • VCC to VCC
  • GND to GND
  • SDA to  A4
  • SCL to A5

Upload code to Arduino pro mini here is a guide about Arduino pro mini programming –

Video tutorial of Arduino smart watch

Important tips for making

After download the RetroWatchArduino_u8glib code ZIP file open it using any unzipping software, here you can find two files one Arduino code & another bitmap.h file.

for Arduino IDE version 1.8 and above, open the ino file in Arduino IDE then go to sketch – add file, Now add the bitmap.h file

Don’t forget to add the U8GLIB zip library in your Arduino IDE

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  1. If you get only programing of the arduino nano for making smart watch .and the programing support on android it will be very helpful for me.

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