How to make a very easy Bluetooth speaker at home

Hello friends, in this article i will describe to you how you can make your own mini Bluetooth speaker with good quality sound.

it is designed as very easy & simple for beginners.

You need to make:-

  • PAM8403 3W 5 volt audio amplifier board
  • Bluetooth Audio module
  • 470mf /25volt electrolytic capacitor
  • Speaker
  • Micro USB socket
  • Phone charger (5v 1 amp)
  • A plastic container
  • wire

About Circuit:-

The main component is of this project Bluetooth audio module which is very low is receiving the digital audio signal from paired devices.

The PAM8403 3W 5-volt audio amplifier board is also a low price component it is 3W+3W stereo audio amplifier but we are using only one side, that means 3W amplifier for output the speaker .

The 470mf /25v electrolytic capacitor is using for filter

This circuit is powered by 5volt from any 1amp smartphone can use power bank if you want to run it in without AC

Circuit Diagram

connection diagram of Bluetooth speaker

All components I have inserted in a small plastic container

This is the making video of this Bluetooth speaker


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