Automatic light on off system using motion sensor

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It is an easy guide with circuit diagram to make automatic home light with out micro controller or Arduino. It is a 220v motion sensor switch. you can easily make this automatic light on off system at home. it works same as popular motion sensor lamp control sockets which is available in market. you can use it as outdoor motion sensor light control or Indoor light control.

How it works

It works with PIR motion sensor.when leaving object moves in front of sensor then it’s out put pin become high.we are using a NPN transistor via 10K resistor to drive a relay. that means when sensor out put pin become high then relay turn on & also ac lamp turn on.

This PIR (Passive infrared sensor) can work up to 12 to 15 ft. you can control it’s sensitivity using potentiometer on it also you can control it’s timing delay & trigger sense using jumper & 2 potentiometer on it.

Parts List –

  1. HC-SR501 PIR Sensor
  2. 6 volt relay
  3. NPN transistor BC 548 B
  4. resistor 10K
  5. TP4056 Battery Charging Module Board
  6. Ac lamp holder ,wire , AC Plug
  7. Mobile charger for power supply
Circuit diagram of automatic room light

Video tutorial of this project


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