How to make a Bluetooth controlled Arduino robot easily

Did you decide to make an Arduino robot but worries about a lot of
wire Connections?…. Then keep reading this post. I am going to describe, how to make an easy Arduino robot without messy wire connections.

You need to make

  1. Arduino nano
  2. L293 D ic, ic base
  3. Capacitor – 100mf/25 v – 2pcs
  4. Male, female header pin
  5. Terminal block- 4 pcs
  6. Led & 1k resistor
  7. Hc 05 Bluetooth module
  8. 9 volt battery or power bank
  9. Any 2wd robot chassis with two 150rpm geared motor
  10. PCB

How to get PCB For this project, I have designed a circuit & make it in a PCB. You can download the PCB Gerber file from here. Then upload the Gerber file to

Pcbway is a world-leading PCB manufacturing company & they provide excellent quality PCB at a reasonable price. the 10 PCBs cost only 5$ (without shipping charge )

For order PCB just go to
Upload Gerber file which you have downloaded.

You can check your PCB price using Instant Quote. If you want to order then you have to create an account in pcbway & log in to your account. fill your address in your account then set some parameters like size, silkscreen colour etc. select shipping currier & place order.

Here are details about how to place an order in PCBWAY

Pcbway makes PCB quickly ( Build time 24 hours for 2 layer PCB) so you will get it soon depending on your Courier selection.

PCB top side
PCB bottom side

Assembling of components

The assembling of components is very easy. All components value, polarity is printed in the PCB so just follow the printed components on the pcb.I have used female header pins for Arduino nano & 16pin IC base for L293 D IC.

After assembling all components

Connection to motors & power

The green terminal block is for motors & power connections. here I am using two 9 volt batteries one for Arduino & another for motor. after connecting the batteries the red LED will glow as a power indicator.

The motor 1 & motor 2 will be connected to the left & right motor

This image shows all components & connections

This board has dual motor driver & some extra Arduino pins, 3V,5V,GND out so Using this PCB you can make line follower, obstacle avoider, edge finder, voice control & other Arduino robots by changing Arduino code. In this post, I am describing how to make Bluetooth control Arduino robot or car.

Schematic of this project

Upload the code to Arduino nano

Download Arduino code for Bluetooth control robot car from here.

open the downloaded code with Arduino IDE software & upload it to your Arduino nano.

Download Bluetooth RC controller from play store

I am using Arduino Bluetooth car controller app Bluetooth RC controller
from play store but
you can use any Bluetooth controller app but need some changes in Arduino code.

video tutorial of Bluetooth control RC car / robot

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